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He married Statira Steele in October 1857, with whom he had one child.

Born March 19, 1784 in the northern coastal territory of La Guajira, Colombia, José Padilla is recognized as one of the first South American-born naval commanders, a founder of the Colombian navy, and a hero in the Latin American wars of independence and the Afro-Hispanic struggle for freedom.

Mosley's father was among the first to encourage him to pursue a writing career.

In his late teens and early twenties, Mosley went through a long-haired "hippie" stage where he traveled from Santa Cruz, California to Europe and back.

Mosley was born in Watts but grew up from age 12 in relatively affluent West Los Angeles.

Mosley's mother was a Polish Jewish American personnel clerk and his father was an African American custodian at a public school.

He claimed it was written with the intention of continuing slavery. At the 1854 National Emigration Convention, Douglas emerged as a prominent speaker with his defense of emigration.Soon after this phase, he attended two colleges in Vermont, graduating from the second one, Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont, with a Political Science degree in 1979.He entered a doctoral program in political theory but instead turned to computer programming as a career.His first state meeting was at Columbus in 1850, at which time Douglas was already gaining attention for his outstanding oratorical talents.He appeared at the Ohio State Convention again 18, arguing that African Americans would never gain equality in the United States, and advocating African American emigration.

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He was later put in charge of the arsenal at Cartagena, Colombia. Leitch Wright, Jr., Creeks and Seminoles (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 1986); J. Bird, "Rebellion: John Horse and the Black Seminoles, the First Black Rebels to Beat American Slavery," Willard R.

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